Welcome to Surf Dog Swim Spa

Welcome to Surf Dog Swim Spa

Welcome to Surf Dog Swim SpaWelcome to Surf Dog Swim SpaWelcome to Surf Dog Swim Spa

Swimming for dogs

We are currently closed due to the COVID19  outbreak. If you have any questions, give us a call.

About Us

Friendly Service

 Surf Dog Swim Spa was created to improve the health and fitness of dogs through swimming in a warm water pool. A swim session is a full body workout that increases circulation, builds muscle strength and aids in weight management and mobility issues. If your dog suffers from arthritis, leg weakness or joint pain, or would just like to come for a swim, please contact us. We would love to help. 

Relaxing Environment

We strive to make your dog's swim session stress free and enjoyable. Our facility is heated and air conditioned for your comfort.

We Swim Dogs for:

  • Weak Legs - Arthritis
  • Exercise - Burn energy
  • ACL Strengthening 
  • Weight Management
  • Fear of Swimming
  • Senior Swim

Why Swim?



Surf Dog Swim Spa is a stress free swim center for dogs. Swimming dogs is a way of life for us and we can't wait for our customers to bring their dogs to swim in our pool. Here are some popular reasons that dogs come for a swim session:  
  Exercise/Fun- Swimming is great exercise and a fabulous energy burner for dogs who are on the go. There is nothing like a good swim in the pool to burn off that excess energy.

 Arthritis- A nice swim in 88 degree water is a great way to ease the aches and pains of arthritis. Swimming stretches the tendons and builds muscle naturally around the joints to help support a dog's body.

 Weight Management - Swimming is a full body workout burning calories and improving the cardio vascular system aiding to drop that unwanted weight.

 ACL Conditioning - Exercise in the pool can help strengthen and build muscle in the legs adding support to the knees. We swim dogs that are pre/post TPLO surgery with referrals from their veterinarian.  

 Weakness in hind legs - Dogs are becoming weak in their hind legs at an alarming rate. Through swimming, we have been able to show improvement in most, regaining strength, mobility and confidence.


All sessions are by appointment to ensure your privacy in the spa. Prior to your appointment we recommend consulting your vet to make sure swimming is appropriate for your dog. If your dog has any medical issues, please alert us when making the first appointment. Be sure to not feed your dog three hours before their swim session and make sure they have gone potty before entering the pool. Very important!


Please fill out and bring to first session.

Surf Dog Swim Spa agreement, waiver pdf (pdf)


Surf Dog Swim Spa client info pdf (pdf)


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 We are located one mile from the Willow Grove Mall on Moreland Road between Easton Road and York Road (Rt 611), minutes from Willow Grove Turnpike exit 343.

 Call for an appointment today! 

Surf Dog Swim Spa

2202 Moreland Road, Abington, PA 19001, US

(215) 578-8201

Hours - All sessions within these hours are by appointment only.

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Questions and Answers

How long is a swim session? Do they swim the entire time?
A swim session is around 30 minutes. Your dog will swim most of the time with breaks to rest as needed.

What if my dog is doesn’t like water?
This is a tricky question as many dogs may have different reasons to dislike the water. My answer is, if your dog will benefit from swimming to help relieve pain, improve strength, gain mobility and maybe conquer the fear of water, then they should swim. Not all dogs that come here are thrilled to be swimming, but they do it and their life is better for it outside of the pool. I have had good luck getting dogs comfortable in the pool. Many now love it and swimming has become more of a fun play session.

Do I need a referral from my veterinarian?
If your dog has had a surgery, I will need a referral with instruction from their vet or surgeon. For other reasons I do not require a referral. I do encourage you to ask your veterinarian if swimming is an appropriate exercise for your dog.

Should I bring towels?
You can bring your own for the ride home as your dog will be damp. I provide towels to dry them off after their swim session. We also have a blow dryer for a quick blow dry.

How is the pool water treated? Is it safe?
Our pool water is treated with UV light technology and light chlorine to ensure the pool is clean and safe. It normally gets shocked twice per week and checked daily to maintain healthy water.

Would I be able to swim with my dog?
Unfortunately, no. I am the only one that is in the water with your dog. You are welcome to stand on our deck or poolside to watch your dog swim.

Can I stay to watch their swim session?
Yes! We encourage you to watch and be a part of your dog's swim experience.

How often should my dog swim?
I like to have dogs come twice per week for the first two weeks. Just like humans, they need to get their muscles and cardio vascular systems in shape. After 4-5 sessions within that two week period, we can evaluate the needs of your dog and recommend what is best for them. 

What are your hours? Can I just walk in?
Our hours are usually afternoons, evenings and Saturday mornings at this time. I prefer to schedule a private appointment for you to ensure your privacy in the spa.